Landscape Drainage

Hoffman’s Landscape will provide landscape drainage solutions in Woodinville, Bothell, Kirkland, Redmond 98052, Kenmore, and surrounding areas.

Image of a rock bed running through a planting bed, used for drainage control services.

The Pacific Northwest’s rainy winter and spring can wreak havoc and cause landcape drainage problems around your home and property. We have the technical expertise to work with the features of your landscape by providing drainage solutions to protect your home against water invasion. Hoffman’s Landscape offers a variety of landscape drainage services to manage and move water on your property.

Hoffman’s Landscape offers a variety of options for utilizing water effectively on your property. It can be moved away from structures and directed towards plant roots where it’s needed. Water collecting around your home can particularly be a problem if your property is situated on a hill. Excess water can also be directed around homes and funneled towards storm drains or towards the street in a number of ways:

Landscape Drainage Services We Offer:

  • Creating a dry-creek bed or rain garden for winter water mitigation.
  • Contouring your landscape to include swales to slow the movement of water through your landscape and increase absorption in planting areas.
  • Installing a French drain for water movement away from your structures.
  • Installing trees and plants to absorb excess moisture in your landscape.
  • Grading to ensure the landscape slopes away from your home.

Dry Creek Beds or Rain Gardens

Rain gardens can be an attractive solution to excess water on your property. An area of your landscape can be shaped to allow water to drain from your gutters or from hardscaping surfaces such as driveways and patios and into a sunken garden. Here water can be utilized and absorbed by plants. This also prevents excess water from entering storm drains and conserves it for use on your land. The size of the rain garden is calculated by assessing the area of your roof and therefore the amount of water that will runoff when it rains.

Plants incorporated into rain gardens should be tolerant of wet and dry conditions. The plants lowest in the garden can tolerate their roots sitting in water for a limited amount of time, such as reeds, which will also survive dry weather. Other shrubs, perennials, and wildflowers can be placed around the upper areas to provide variety and beauty.

The rain garden can be integrated into the style of your garden, adding river rock for interest at the base, so that it looks like a dry creek bed.

Contouring the Landscape Using Swales

This technique is similar to adding a rain garden but on a larger scale. Swales (depressions in the landscape) can wind down a hill increasing the distance that water travels and slowing its progress, allowing more water to be absorbed in the landscape, rather than flowing into a storm drain. It can also prevent water from rushing down your hillside garden, uprooting plants and causing erosion damage.

French Drain

Installing a french drain on your property can be an excellent solution to moving water away from your structures and avoiding flooded basements. French drains consist of a perforated pipe under a layer of gravel. Water trickles into the pipe and is carried down hill. A drain can be run from patios or alongside pathways, downhill and away from your home. Your landscape can be contoured so that it slopes away from your home and any water running down the hill will collect in the drain and be moved away from the property. This is a good solution for gardens that have areas that are always muddy with bad drainage.

Hoffman’s Landscape will always pay attention to the unique drainage challenges of your yard so that your landscape protects your home.

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