Erosion Control Services by Hoffman’s Landscape

Hoffman’s Landscape provides erosion control services in Woodinville, Bothel, Kirkland, Redmond 98052, Kenmore, and surrounding areas.

Image of a sloped landscape with rock steps and retaining walls protecting the yard from erosion, provided with our erosion control services.

Hoffman’s Landscape has the expertise to determine and execute the best erosion control services for your project. We provide a variety of options to prevent erosion in your landscape.

Erosion can cause problems in sloping yards. Our heavy rainfall can also contribute to erosion in landscapes. Even if it isn’t immediately apparent, water can wear away at your landscape. Compacted soil and excessive or leaking irrigation can also contribute to the problem.

Erosion Control Services We Offer:

  • Terracing the landscape – Adding retaining walls with tiers of flat areas, enabling you to utilize more of your landscape.
  • Adding erosion control materials to minimize loss of topsoil.
  • Adding bark mulch on minor slopes to avoid loss of soil.
  • Planting ground covers to stabilize slopes.
  • Installing landscape drainage systems such as a French drain to avoid water streaming down your property.


Terracing the Landscape

Adding terraces to a hillside garden can be a very effective erosion control service. You will also be using more of your garden space. It can make your sloping yard safer to use and more functional, providing you with flat areas for patios and lawns, which would otherwise be impractical on such a slope.

Terracing can be an intricate job, involving adding retaining walls, stairs, and drainage in order for you to safely navigate your slope.  Hoffman’s Landscape has the skills and experience necessary to install terraces and help you make the most of your landscape.

Adding Erosion Control Materials

Slopes can also be stabilized by adding a layer or erosion control fabric and bark mulch. These fabrics are made of jute or coconut coir. If you already have retaining walls or slopes that aren’t too steep, these fabrics can be effective in preventing soil from being washed down the slope. They’re typically stretched over planting beds and around plants to cover the planting area and held in place by stakes, then covered in bark mulch to help improve water absorption and avoid erosion.

Planting Ground Covers to Stabilize Slopes

There are some useful groundcovers that can be planted on steep slopes to prevent erosion. These can be combined with fabrics for maximum effect. Adding plants in general is a good way to retain soil, with the roots holding onto soil and stabilizing the slope. Some plants, even woody shrubs, will lay down roots where they touch the ground, further stabilizing the hillside.

Ground covers that can be installed to protect hillsides include Vinca minor or periwinkle, Choisya ternata, Ophiopogon, and Liriope species. Woody shrubs that will easily take root when they touch the ground include Forsythia suspenda and Cotoneaster horizontalis, which also really help to retain the soil.

Close up image of a sloped landscape covered with with Vinca minor or periwinkle, a great option to prevent erosion as part of our erosion control services.

Installing Landscape Drainage Systems

French drains can be installed to help direct water away from your home and safely down a slope. This can aide in erosion control on your property. You can read more about our drainage solutions here. 

Hoffman’s Landscape will always pay attention to the unique challenges of your site so that your landscape protects your home.

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