Lawn Care Services

We Offer Lawn Care Services in Woodinville, Bothell, Kirkland, Redmond 98052, Kenmore and surrounding areas.

green lawn getting lawn care services with a mower

We offer lawn care as part of our maintenance service visits, but sometimes lawns can require a little extra care and attention.

Hoffman’s Landscape can provide services for all your lawn care needs:

  • Dethatching
  • Aeration
  • Fertilization
  • Mowing & edging
  • Weed & Moss removal
  • Re-seeding & Overseeding

Mowing & Edging

We make sure your lawn is carefully mowed and edged. The mower is set at the right height to make sure it’s not cut too short or too long, but just the right height for optimum growth, so you get the lush lawn you’ve always wanted.

Removal of Lawn Thatch

Lawn thatch can cause problems and keep water, nutrients and air from reaching the turf roots. Thatch is a build up of dead grass stalks, roots and other organic materials. These build up and can prevent the lawn from reaching its full, healthy potential. We address this problem with de-thatching tools, enabling the living roots to move into the space of the dead thatch and develop deeper and wider roots, strengthening your lawn.

Aeration is similar and can be paired with dethatching to allow the turf to breathe and grow. Aeration can be particularly helpful in heavy soils, such as clay. Soils can form an impenetrable barrier to water, even if there’s a lot of rain, the roots can still be deprived of water. Lawns can also become compacted from being walked on. Aeration can help with compacted soil, and places where water puddles in the lawn. We use core aeration to pull out small plugs of turf at regular intervals, to help the turf renew itself, allowing nutrients and water to penetrate the root zone.


It’s important to regularly fertilize turf, as part of a lawn care program. We use high quality fertilizer to stimulate lawn growth regularly, throughout the growing months.

Irrigation Sprinkler Adjustment

We will adjust sprinklers and irrigation timing to make sure your lawn gets the optimal amount of water for a beautiful lawn, while at the same time, being mindful of water use.

Weed and Moss Treatment

Part of good lawn care is keeping weeds and moss out of the lawn. Using the steps above, we improve the health of lawns, by encouraging deeper root growth, this helps crowd out any weeds that may choose to grow in turf. We treat any moss and invasive weeds to ensure they don’t take over the lawn.

Reseeding & Overseeding

We reseed lawns if you have patches that have died out or been taken over by weeds, using the appropriate seed mix. We can also overseed lawns, this is usually done when the lawn is thinning. Overseeding can revitalize an older lawn and encourage thicker, lush growth.

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