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Let Hoffman’s Landscape Install your Pavers and Driveway in Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Woodinville and surrounding areas.

Image of a creative paver path next to a house created as part of Hoffman's paver and driveway installation services.

Hoffman’s Landscape offers paver and driveway installation. We can help you make the best choice of hardscaping materials and expertly install your driveway. The driveway is usually one of the first things that visitors see when they arrive at your house. Make sure your driveway is attractive and reflects the style of your home, fits in with the wider elegance of your neighborhood.

There are many options available for driveway installation. Traditional concrete has been used for a long time but is becoming less popular as people are choosing from a widening selection of available pavers.

Concrete looks clean and modern and is an affordable choice. It can also be dyed to match your hardscaping and house. Unfortunately, it can crack eventually over time as it expands and contracts with the weather, but its lifespan is long. Another disadvantage is that it is not permeable, which can lead to water pouring down it in heavy rain storms.

For these reasons, more and more people are now selecting pavers instead. They have the advantage of having some permeability, as the water can drain away between the cracks. Some can also be planted with grass for even greater drainage.

Options for Driveway Pavers:

There is an increasing selection of pavers available to use for driveways. The right choice can really increase your curb appeal and match existing hardscaping and home architecture. Hoffman’s Landscape can help you pick the right options for your home:

  • Brick can be very attractive, especially if it matches your house or retaining walls.
  • Concrete Pavers are a good, modern choice, with plenty of stylish options to choose from.
  • Permeable/Plastic Pavers are becoming more popular since they are eco-friendly. They consist of a plastic grid with regular holes throughout. Gravel or grass can be placed in and over the holes. When it rains, the water is absorbed and drains through to the ground. This leaves the driveway firm to drive and walk on and prevents flooding. Turf can be added to help filter out toxins from the rain and prevent them from polluting ground water.
  • Bluestone Pavers are a wonderful choice for driveways. They have a rough surface that makes them non-slip – a good choice in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Cobblestones can give you a more rustic design feel, which can suit older homes. They are similar in look to concrete pavers but made of stone: basalt, granite, etc.

No matter which choice you make about the driveway material that best fits your needs and home, Hoffman’s Landscape will install the perfect driveway for you.

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