Tree Planting Services for Residential Landscapes

Let Hoffman’s Landscape Plant Your Trees in Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Woodinville and surrounding areas.

Image of a vibrant orange colored Japanese maple tree in a garden against yellow and green colors from other trees, framed between two tree trunks. Hoffman's tree planting services help create landscapes like this.
Hoffman’s Landscape specializes in tree planting services. Trees are an essential element in landscape design. They provide structure, focal points, and seasonal interest to your yard. Therefore, it is important that an appropriate species of tree is selected. It is also important that they are planted correctly to ensure good health and vigor throughout their lives.

Tree Planting Services

Hoffman’s Landscaping follows these steps carefully when planting a tree:

    • We dig an appropriate sized hole for the tree, making sure to dig the hole wide but not too deep. This encourages the roots to spread widely out into the soil around them and anchor the tree.
    • We dig a wider tree well when planting in a lawn to ensure a lawn mower or edger doesn’t get too close to the trunk and cause damage.
    • We dig in organic soil amendment to lighten the soil if it’s heavy and ensure optimal nutrient absorption and water-holding capacity.
    • We plant the young tree so that the trunk flare is a little higher than the soil grade to ensure that water doesn’t collect around the base encouraging decay.
    • We create a berm with a well circling the outside of the roots of the tree when water can be absorbed.
    • We gently tease out the roots around the root ball and cut out any circling roots that could cut off supplies of nutrients and water to the tree. Or we plant the balled and burlapped tree directly in the ground.
    • We add some high quality slow-release fertilizer to the backfill when filling in the hole to give the roots all the nutrients they need to grow feeder roots and shoots.
    • We mulch the area with 2” deep bark mulch to keep the soil moisture high and suppress weeds.

By following these steps, we ensure a successful start for your tree. We also recommend regular maintenance for newly planted trees to ensure they grow healthy and strong through the years.

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Other Services

Hoffman’s Landscape also provides regular landscape maintenance, hardscape installation, and drainage work. We also build quality fences. Please let us know if you’d like a bid for any of these services as well.

Learn more about additional landscape maintenance services.

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