Shrub Pruning & Small Tree Trimming

Hoffman’s Landscape offers care for shrubs and small trees in Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Woodinville and surrounding areas.

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Hoffman’s Landscape offers skilled shrub pruning and small tree trimming services, for shrubs and trees up to 12’ in height.

It’s important to us to focus on plant health when pruning. There are many ways to prune, and we will take into account the style and design of your garden, when choosing how to prune. We also pay careful attention to the species of shrub or tree being trimmed, when to prune and how the plant responds to pruning.

Pruning for Plant Health

Plant health is paramount to our considerations when pruning shrubs or trimming trees. We don’t want to take too much off the plant at one time, as this could cause it stress, and encourage disease and pests. Instead we take into account the needs and aesthetics of the client. We follow good pruning techniques, cutting twigs or branches back to their origin, rather than leaving unsightly stubs, that can invite decay. We thin and prune shrubs to encourage air circulation, discouraging pests and diseases, such as powdery mildew.

Seasonal Pruning

Hoffman’s Landscape has the experience of caring for landscapes for many years. We use this knowledge and only prune plants at the right time of year. For example, we wait to prune Rhododendrons and Azaleas until after they have bloomed in the Spring. And we cut back Japanese Maples at the end of the Winter, when their structure is easy to see and before the sap starts flowing. It is this attention to detail that helps us maintain beautiful landscapes.

Pruning for Plant Height and Size Reduction

We can also trim to reduce the height of the plant, in a way that will not compromise the health of the plant. Ideally plants should be selected to be the right height to fill the space, but this doesn’t always happen. We take care to artfully reduce the height of plants, paying attention to aesthetics and health. As your landscape grows we will shape your plants accordingly

Natural Pruning

We work on shaping the plants, following their natural growth habit. Bringing out their structure and attributes, is a great way to create a focal point plant or tree in the yard. For example, we will prune a Lilac shrub to maximize the effect of it’s beautiful purple blooms, without compromising its health. Even wilder habitat gardens will need some skilled pruning.

Formal Pruning

We understand that everyone has different aesthetics and we are versatile in our pruning techniques. We appreciate the beauty of a formal landscape, as much as a natural one. Our tree trimming landscapers can skillfully shape hedges and trees to create a stunning formal landscape. We can prune pine and cherry trees, or weeping Japanese Maples to accentuate their shape, for a formal Japanese garden. Or, shape boxwood hedges to edge a beautiful planting bed or garden. Hoffman’s Landscape will work according to your needs.

Call or text us today at 206-940-9993 or send us an email at [email protected]. We’d be happy to discuss the needs of your property and provide a bid for services. We can set up a regular maintenance schedule or a landscape design consultation.

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